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The ASCII Group, Inc.
7101 Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 1350
Bethesda, MD 20814

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The ASCII Group IT community is made up of a supporting network of 2,000+ MSP/VARs worldwide. ASCII provides a portfolio of IT business-building services that range from turnkey marketing campaigns to a highly utilized peer-to-peer business referral and lead network.

Most solution and managed service providers cannot afford dedicated resources for marketing, product research, strategic alliances, public relations, customer retention, vendor research and discovery. These roles and responsibilities often fall directly on the principal of the company or are divided across the entire staff. The end result is less focus and less production.

ASCII helps solution providers refocus their efforts back on revenue generating activities, while our team provides key services to support operations, sales and marketing and vendor management. In addition, solution providers gain additional benefits from the group at large in terms of product research, best practices and sub-contracting opportunities - all through a national IT knowledge exchange with over 200,000 postings by fellow IT community members.

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